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‘You know you need glasses?’: Not everyone prepared for this eclipse

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Given the eclipse mania that has been building for months, you might assume there was no one left in the country who didn’t know how to watch the solar event.

You’d be wrong. At the craft fair on the campus of Southern Illinois University, which will experience about 2 minutes 40 seconds of totality this afternoon, a man approached the booth where Katie Crider was selling handmade soaps to ask about viewing locations.

“You know you need glasses?” Crider asked.

The man adjusted the toddler he was toting on his hip.

“You can get them inside,” Crider said as she pointed to the university arena, where NASA volunteers were still handing out cardboard solar glasses at a feverish pace.

The man thanked her and headed off to the arena.

Link to article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/2017/live-updates/weather/2017-solar-eclipse-live-updates-weather-photos-traffic-and-more/you-know-you-need-glasses-not-everyone-prepared-for-this-eclipse/?utm_term=.78bfc05ce7f2