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Born out of necessity, created with love and shared with enthusiasm...,

Since I was young, I've had issues with sensitive skin and eczema. Finding soaps, lotions and shampoos that I can use has been very difficult road as most irritate me almost immediately. The itching, burning and stinging are just a few symptoms I would experience.  The labels will state they are "For Sensitive Skin" or the sales clerk add "It's all Natural", however, when I get home my reactions say something to the contrary.   

A couple of years ago a friend suggested I give goat milk soap a try. If you know me, you know I adore all farm animals, especially goats!  Also, I had heard that European and Egyptian royalty bathed in milk to achieve soft, supple skin.  So I was convinced to give it a try and now have two words: GAME CHANGER!!!  Not only did it feel fabulous to use, it also left my skin feeling incredibly soft and after 2 years my irritations have been drastically reduced. 

As I opened up to others about my these difficulties, the more I realized there are many out there living with the same struggle.  I found that commercial soaps are really just detergents, the same as what is used in laundry and dishwashing brands.  This made me passionate about making a change in what we use on our skin each day, which is the largest organ.  I spent many hours re-searching, reading and learning how to create bath and body products with simple and gentle ingredients (you can pronounce) and know just what they are. 

Each and every product, had been used/tested extensively by me, my fantastic girlfriends and amazing mother (who have the same skin issues).  If any of us have issues with it, then it will not become part of the product line. I am committed to providing quality bath and body products that even persnickety skin can enjoy!  Also, I careful scent them delicately with high quality essential and fragrance oils so they don't overpower your nose or skin!

I know how frustrating this road has been for me so if I can help just a few people and reduce their skin reactions to everyday products, then I know I am on the right path and that means the world to me.


Hugs, love and cheers to healthy skin,


Katie Crider

Founder/Creator of Trace Savon