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Why Use Goat Milk in Soap?

Why does Trace Savon include goat milk in our products?   In our commitment to excellence, we include 100% natural goat milk in each batch of soap we create and hold it in high regard.  Here are reasons why our customers are obsessed with our soaps and keep coming back for more.   

  1. Natural Lactic and Alpha Hydroxy Acids provide natural exfoliation by removing dead skin and encouraging new skin cell growth.
  2. The inclusion of Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D and E are known to be essential for skin cell rejuvenation and growth, repairing damaged skin, improve dry skin by providing a healthy skin barrier, neutralize free radicals, enhance skin’s elasticity and many have stated it helps to reduce acne and wrinkles.
  3. The milk contains Selenium which protects skin against sun damage and antioxidant that fights back against free radicals.
  4. Old fashion goodness of Calcium helps reduce dry skin and wrinkles.
  5. The soothing Butterfat pulls moisture back into the skin to hydrate and soften.